SIB 429 Strategy Management (Business Model)

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You are presented below with a video that introduces you to a particular Business Model a company in California is starting to implement. The company seems to think they will be able to expand to other locations in the nation.

Here is the link to a recent video from CNN that discusses the ideas of this new company.

This discussion board is related to theory/concepts presented in chapter #1, the presentation of the concepts the video lecture of chapter #1 and your own research and understanding of Business Model (BM) [and its components value proposition (VP) and Profit Formula (PF). Remember a BM= VP + PF]

Please list in detail all the components of the value proposition and the profit formula presented in the CNN video and then analyze whether or not this is a good business model. If there are flaws in the business model what would you change/improve in order to make it viable. You can also employ concepts from “Winning Strategy” at the end of you wish.