Short Hw writin assignment on cain

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HUM 210-0G5: World Mythologies Homework Writing Assignment (2)

Length: ONE page (max) Saramago’s reworking of the material in the opening chapters of Genesis challenge readers to think carefully and critically about these stories and the characters about whom the stories are told. The following excerpt (taken from Saramago’s Cain. A Novel) takes place after Adam and Eve have been expelled from the Garden of Eve, and have begun to establish themselves in their new life in a very different context:

When cain is born, all the neighbors will be surprised by the pale rosy complexion with which he comes into the world, as if he were the son of an angel. Or an archangel, or even, perish the thought, the son of one of the cherubim. (21)

How do you understand this intriguing and suggestive comment from our storyteller? What earlier events in the text lead our storyteller to offer this comment about the newly born Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve? Might this have an influence on the event (or events) that will change the course of Cain’s life when he reaches adulthood