Setting up a robotic surgery course for surgical trainees

This is a paper that is focusing on the Setting up a robotic surgery course for surgical trainees. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Setting up a robotic surgery course for surgical trainees

Setting up a robotic surgery course for surgical trainees
Structure of the project

There are 3 key parts to this assignment which are described in detail below:

(1)Executive Summary: (250 words)
This should provide a brief summary of all aspects of your project proposal and should make sense if read separately to the rest of your project plan. The Executive Summary is often used to gain approval for project implementation by senior managers who have no previous knowledge of the project so it is vital that it is concise and that it clearly states what the project is about and why it should be implemented.
The Executive Summary should include the following
:·   Overall aim of the project and intended outcomes;
Rationale for project;
Overview of implementation strategy;
Overview of project evaluation;

(2)Part One: Project Plan (60% weighting including executive summary) (3500 words)
Project Overview Template: there is a template provided that you should use (labelled as table 1) . This provides an outline to the project and should include:
·    A project title and overall aim for your project; To develop a hands on robotic surgery training 3 day course for surgical trainees
·    Background to the project to include:

Setting up a robotic surgery course for surgical trainees

Rationale,   Your professional role thoracic surgeon area and context of practice, interest in the topic area – robotic surgery new sophisticated technology with better patient outcomes then conventional surgery;
Current healthcare provision locally in relation to your topic none and course offered via industry players and not very clinically oriented Identification of deficiencies in current service provision – – largest centre offering robotics to patients in europe however paucity in training and at present surgeons train abroad

Drivers   What is the local/national situation with regards to your project topic?
Future of surgery commission report, surgeons will need training in robotic surgery as part of curriculum
What are the financial implications/service implications for your topic? Reduction in hospital stay therefore reduced bed occupancy and cost
What are the anticipated benefits of this project?
Specify project objectives and expected outcomes (measurable deliverables).

These should be as short, medium and long-term. Number the points including broad steps that you will need to undertake to complete the project
Identifying strengths and weaknesses: Select a recognised business/project analysis tool, e.g. SWOT or PEST(LE). ·    Briefly discuss the reasons for your choice and also how this process will inform your project plan.
11·    Illustrate your analysis using a table and bullet points.
·    Complete this section with a brief statement of the key issues that this exercise has highlighted and that would be useful for you to consider when planning the rest of the project.