Sensory Appeal 3 body paragraphs

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Sensory Appeal 3 Body Paragraphs Outline

For next week’s homework, please have the outline of the three body paragraphs of the sensory appeal essay complete.

Please submit THE OUTLINE to me here, but feel free to have a rough draft version to share in class in breakout rooms. Again, if you submit paragraphs instead of an outline, you will receive credit, but not feedback.

Please note: formal outlines are NOT necessary. As long as you use white space to indicate importance of ideas (with the biggest ideas closest to the margins and the smaller ideas moving away from the margins), that is all an outline really needs. If outlines are something wholly unfamiliar to you, this is a great opportunity to use the writing center for assistance.

I do expect your outlines of paragraphs to have:

a topic sentence

an organization


sensory appeal

a closing line

I DO NOT expect your outlines to have:

complete sentences

a dominant impression