Selection and analysis of an advertisement for any product

This is a paper that focuses on the selection and analysis of an advertisement for any product. The paper also provides guidelines to how to write the paper in detail.

Selection and analysis of an advertisement for any product

Advertisement Analysis
For this assignment, you must select and analyze an advertisement for any product that you find advertised either online or in print (e.g. magazines, newspapers). Make sure the ad is appropriate to be turn in to your instructor. (i.e., X-rated material will receive a failing grade). Also, the ad must not have been (1) discussed in lecture/textbook or (2) submitted by you as part of your completed Assignment #1. In order to receive credit, you must attach the advertisement to this assignment or provide a (working) web link if the ad is in video format. Print or non-video ads are strongly preferred.

Your paper should be 3-5 double-space pages in length and the following questions must be answered.
1. Where did you find this advertisement? Please specify where you found it by supplying the exact web address or, for print advertisements, providing the title, issue, and date of the publication.

2. Please provide a complete list of all references that you cited on the last page of your document. This includes ANY information that you found on the brand/company that is not your own knowledge (e.g., brand/company age).

3. Describe the ad—the product it advocates for, its general features, characteristics, etc.

4. The main purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to apply course concepts to actual advertising content. With this in mind, below are 21 key concepts that we have covered thus far in class. At minimum, your ad analysis must include a discussion of at least 5 of these concepts. Moreover, you will  provide a well-reasonable analysis concerning how and why a given concept applies to the ad you have chosen
• The assignment submission is either as a microsoft word file (.doc or .docx), a rich text file (.rtf), or as an adobe pdf.