Select an attack in the real-world and its remediation

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to select an attack in the real-world and its remediation. The paper also provides additional information and guidelines to use in the writing the assignment paper well and concisely.

Select an attack in the real-world and its remediation

Question 1

There are 10 reasons that it is difficult to defend against attacks:  Universally connected devices, Increased speed of attacks, Greater sophistication of attacks, Availability and simplicity of attack tools, Faster detection of vulnerabilities, Delays in security updating, Weak security update distribution, Distributed attacks, Use of personal devices, and also User confusion.  Select TWO and also describe what it is, give a real-world example of an attack of it’s type, and give an example of a way that it could be remediated to not happen again.

Question 2

You own a small hiring company.  Select one form of a Social Engineering attack and describe in detail a training program for your employees. Additionally, describe different levels of training that might be required for different levels of employees in your company.

Question 3

Describe the role of encryption in protecting data.  Describe the different approaches that you need to take while the data is in use, data in motion, or data at rest.  Also, include methods of cryptography that you would use for the encryption.

Select an attack in the real-world and its remediation

Question 4

Describe the difference between a DoS attack and a DDoS.  Where are some sources that DDoS attacks can originate from?  Additionally, list three ways that a company can best protect itself from DoS and DDoS attacks.

Question 5

Use the Internet to identify three network firewalls, compares their features. Note if they are rule-based or application-aware, do they perform stateless or stateful packet filtering, what additional features they include (IDS, content filtering, etc.), their costs, etc. From your analysis which would you recommend? Describe why?

Question 6

Lastly, what is the difference between the wireless network that you provide to your customers versus the wireless network that you would provide on a guest network. Describe a guest network.  How would you provision your guest network.  How should they be segmented and isolated from the rest of the network?