Scientific method

Describe what is meant by the scientific method, including the role of observations, hypotheses, experiments, data, evidence, and theories. Distinguish between what is meant by “facts” and the outputs of a scientific investigation. Discuss some of the ways in which human values might uniquely influence and interact with the scientific method in the practice of environmental science. Finally, provide some thoughts as to how environmental scientists can maintain scientific objectivity even while working on issues that may be politically controversial or emotionally charged.

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scientific method

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Explore how the development of the scientific method impacts our worldview.

Instructions: Identify a current problem in physics by searching for news articles and current events. One reputable source of news in physics is Choose one article, and in two pages, describe how the scientific method is being used to solve the problem mentioned in the article. Identify the initial observations that identified the problem, the hypothesis, tests, and any revisions of the original hypothesis. Cite the article in APA format as well as other references you might use.