Saudi Electronic University Non Disclosure of Information Research Paper

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Identify one issue from the weekly reading and create a Legal Issue Brief.

In a Word document, compose a one-page legal brief that follows the order indicated below:

oTitle (Issue summarized in 2-5 words)

oStudent Name

oIssue (1-3 sentences)

oFacts (3-4 sentences)

oStudent position (2-4 sentences)

oRationale (5-7 sentences)


Read “Six Ways to Recover a Domain Name from an Infringing Cybersquatter.”

In a Word document, respond to the following items:

oExplain some of the ways to avoid a domain name conflict that are discussed in the article. (5-7 sentences)

oSummarize some of the options the available to a mark owner for combating infringing domain names. (5-7 sentences)

oDetermine which course of action you would take if someone infringed upon your domain name. Justify your choice with a brief (5-7 sentence) rationale.