San Francisco Federal Reserve economic research

This is an assignment that discusses the San Francisco Federal Reserve economic research. The paper is essentially for economists and also analysts.

San Francisco Federal Reserve economic research

You are an analyst at the San Francisco Federal Reserve. The regional branches of the Fed all publish bulletins that contain summaries of interesting economic research. The people who read these bulletins are typically economists or other trained analysts who work at the Fed or other government offices; these are individuals who are generally too busy to read academic journal articles but who want to stay on top of the latest research. Your boss has asked you to write a summary (750-800 words = roughly 3-4 pages, 12-point and double-spaced) for the next bulletin of one of the articles from the following list:
One Hundred Years of the Economic Review: The Top Twenty Articles:
Your summary should have about a paragraph to answer each of the following questions:
What is the key hypothesis tested and what are the empirical findings?
How is the study connected to previous research?
Then, what economic theory/model of behavior do the authors use to form their hypothesis?
Identify, what data do the authors use and what is their empirical strategy (statistical methods/case studies)?
Lastly, what other factors do the authors mention that should be considered in evaluating their results?

Include a word count at the end of your article. Also,  note that if your article is too long, it means you will need to think hard about what can be cut but if your article is too short, you will need to think just as hard about what you might be missing.

Evaluation criteria

I will focus on the following specific areas when grading:
1.     Article content. Most importantly, have you summarized the paper accurately and completely? Have you accurately identified the key question(s) in the paper, and the authors’ answer(s)? Also, have you included all the relevant information so that an uninformed reader would have a clear idea what the article is about?
2.     Voice. Is the tone and style appropriate for this audience?
3.     Overall clarity. I will be evaluating the readability, clarity and style of the paper overall