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Task 2: What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks).

words :250

and also provide replies to below student posts each in 125 words.

harshad – Wireless network can be said as an alternative to traditional wired technology. Most common example would be WIFI, Bluetooth. Wireless technology are radio waves and/or microwaves for wireless communication. It is configured to meet the needs of applications.

The Pros can be the mobility it offers. It improves the efficiency of work done. For e.g.: An employee can be connected to the business while travelling or in the café. It is cost saving as well. No need to invest in long lan wires. It is safer in terms of other factors like people might stumble upon wires and it can temporary stop your work. The wider reach network is a part of it of not having lan wires. When compared to Offices, you have to pay less amount of money to install it and hence small server rooms.

Disadvantages include that your devices are not only physically access but also vulnerable to hackers. At times you may suffer from signal interferences or weaker signal which can impact your mobility. Sometimes even if you are connected to internet transmission may be slow and you must connect to another network or get connected with a lan wire. This is because wired networks generally support greater bandwidth and it can hold large number of devices.

Usually the concern would be of not sharing passwords or keeping financial apps open after using it. Any kind of data if leaked or kept open can be boom for hackers and infected devices in these networks might access other computers and transfer malware. But now-a days there are much security taken by Companies and at public places to avoid such instances but still they are not 100% secured.

pranav – Wireless Communication and Data Transmitting

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying the wireless communication or the data transmission is not hundred percent reliable. These communications and transmissions can be affected by heavy rains, solar flares, snow, high winds etc. Few things to be concerned while using the wireless connectivity, Slower connection speeds than wired, security issues where both bandwidth and information can be accessed, setting up a wireless is more complicated than wired, Data interception can take place, network intrusion, radio jamming and also denial of service sometimes, rogue access points, configuration troubles, passive capturing etc.

Secondly, OMA – Open Mobile Alliance, which refers to a standard body developing open standards for the mobile phone industries. OMA standardizes applicative protocols and its specifications are meant to work with any cellular network technologies. OMA is like an umbrella to many other small initiatives like WAP, Wireless village, SyncML, Location interoperability, Mobile games interoperability, wireless mobile internet, etc. OMA helps in overcoming the decision-taking procedures, releasing schedules, over-lapping specifications, causing duplication from all other small initiatives.

OMA now has merged with IPSO alliance forming a joint organization called OMA spec works. They are tasked with creating and driving a set of global technical deliverables in the mobile and internet of things service layers. This joint organization will now be able to provide developers with more accessibility by quickly transforming an idea into an industry specification and then manage the specification publication and maintenance. It is considered as the home for many lightweightM2M (LwM2M) specification companies.