RTA – Response to Advertisement Job Application Letter

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Format/Layout: Block Style

Parameters: This is an exercise in identification, composition, and formatting. You will be required to assume the ‘Jack Turner’ identity. Read and study Jack Turner’s biography and job experience in the attached files: jack-turner-bio-intern-job, and jack-turner-summer-job. Identify your key information and compose the letter in a persuasive manner. Remember, you are Jack Turner trying to secure employment. Do not write as yourself.

  • Refer to the spacing illustration in section 6 of the textbook as your formatting guide for block style.
  • Refer to the Toulmin illustration in section 6 of the textbook as your guide for placement of Toulmin Elements.
  • See the ‘block style’ format in section 5.

Instructions: Compose one ‘response to an advertisement’ letter in block format using information the information provided in the Jack Turner bio and the descriptions of his summer work, and intern positions. You will need to include 4 Toulmin elements in this letter: claim, support, warrants, backing. Be sure to include ‘soft skills’ in your warrants and backing paragraphs. Examples of these paragraphs are located in the attached file on the ‘soft skills’ tab above the RTA Assignment function.