Rhetoric Short Essay Assignment

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Find a speech that interests you from Famous Speeches in History (Links to an external site.)website. Be sure to view (if possible), listen, and read the speech using your critical thinking skills.

Write at least 300 words analyzing the speech.

  1. Make sure you thoroughly introduce the speech. Describe who is the speaker, when was it given, and who the audience was. Include any background information you find important.
  2. Summarize the speech. What is the topic? What position does the speaker take on the issue? What was the purpose of the speech? In addition, share some of the important details the speaker uses to support the position. Make sure you’ve addressed the rhetorical situation of the speech.
  3. State whether the speech is effective. Did the speaker effectively support the position and purpose of the speech? When possible, explain the rhetoric situation, the use of persuasive techniques, and the use of rhetoric devices.


1. Essay should be formatted according the MLA style.

2. Include a Works Cited entry for the specific speech at the end of your essay.

3. Be sure you have an introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.