review and prepare for quiz 3 will be similar to the quiz 1 and 2

I’m studying for my Mathematics class and need an explanation.

quiz 1 cover Learning objective (Lo1-3). quiz 2 (LO 1-7)

quiz 3 will cover same LO of quiz 1 and 2. however Quiz 3 will have a little more LO 8-10 more I had attached bellow. it show you the section)

Last time you did Lo5,6,7.So you don’t have to do it again. you can review LO1 to 4 and LO 8 to 10

we have total 40 minutes for the quiz (we can do 37 minutes for quiz and 3 minutes for the upload answer) . quiz will be on Friday Oct 1st.

you don’t have to do all question if you like you can try. But let me know how much questions you can do for 35 minutes. so we will talk about budget.

Here is the book for review LO 8 to 10

LO 8 to 10 it cover ( Determine whether a matrix is invertible,Compute the inverse of a matrix. compute the determinant of a matrix using the definition and/or properties of determinants.)