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Respond to two peers with resources or recommendations of strategies to support ongoing professional development.

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The role of the human service worker in an interagency collaboration is to consider the comprehensive network of all other community issues and problems to build or collaborate on a team to solve community issues and problems. (Harley-McClaskey, 2015). In my opinion, to solve these community issues, motivation is the key for successful team building. Team leaders must set the stage by making sure the organization has an established motivating work environment. And team members must possess motivating qualities such as eliminating distractions, the ability to start and stay on task, and be able to prioritize issues as they arise. (Harley-McClaskey, 2015).

Harley-McClaskey (2015) stated when there is larger task, leaders should make a deliberate effort to break the task into smaller steps that can be achieved in shorter time blocks so “participants can feel short-term success and progress regularly.” (p.146). And when those milestones are achieved, leaders should recognize which team members need extrinsic rewards such as statement of appreciation or whether they are motivated by their own intrinsic satisfaction from accomplishing a goal within the greater mission.

Another important factor in team management is to maintain a diverse voice in the group. Harley-McClaskey (2015) says that consensus does not require total agreement on an issue or decision. Rather it requires the leader to make sure all members feel their opinion has been heard. Leaders can facilitate this process by making sure there is clarity and transparency to the team when decisions are made.