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Thank you, Elizabeth, for discussing one of my favorite leaders! His popularity is surely largely due to his strong leadership skills. One of the top leadership characteristics I would choose for him from the list in Grossman and Valiga (2017) is, “Communicate truthfully, effectively, and often” (Box 2-2, pg 29).” Obama’s speeches are highly influential, inspiring, and effective, and his ability to deliver messages captivates his audience. I feel these characteristics, along with the authenticity of his speeches, are what his followers are drawn to.

I appreciate your feeling his leadership skills would transcend time. I would agree. According to Wikipedia, the former president still has the top Twitter followers at over 122 million, still 4 years after his presidency. He continues to be highly influential and his followers are very loyal. He has made a very deep stamp on this era will transcend time through our history books for sure.

Thank you for a great discussion! Shay


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