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I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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1) Learning Themes

1. Community Helpers

2. The Farm

3. Winter

4. Transportation

5. Mothers Day/Flowers

6. Summer

7. Ocean

2) These themes I choose are ones with endless ideas for the classroom. In community helpers the children get familiarized with dentists/doctors, police/fireman, veterinarians, trash collectors. It can help when they go to the dentist for the first time or take their animal to the vet. They get an understanding of police officers and what good they do for the community as well as fireman. They learn fun songs in the Farm theme and noises farm animals make. Maybe a live farm animal could visit the school one day. With winter the play-dough can be white with silver glitter and it can be scented with mint extract. There can be snowman, snowflake and polar bear cookie cutters to cut out shapes with the play-dough. In transportation they can build roads with chalk on the sidewalk and use blocks to build a city around the roads. They can use toy taxi’s, cars, tow trucks, ambulance’s to drive through the city. You can also incorporate street signs like the signal light, teaching what red, yellow and green means. For Mothers Day/flowers children can learn about different flowers and paint a pot decorated for their mother. Then learn about soil and plant a flower in their pot for their mothers gift. You can have books for the theme on mothers and also on flowers. Summer is a fun one. Outside with a beach ball you can form a few groups in a circle and with a beach ball hit it back and forth, and if you have a blanket and have the kids put the ball on top of the blanket and lift it up and down for the ball to bounce on. On the fence attach a paper and have paint in spray bottles in different colors, fun designs come from this. Popsicle’s as a treat is a fun surprise. The ocean theme you can bring shells, and plastic sea animals with a bucket of water to play with. For a craft have sand to have the kids glue onto a colored paper, have fish cut outs and let them make a craft with the ocean, sand, fish, shells included on their paper. Talk about keeping the ocean clean which keeps the sea life safe and always throwing trash away when visiting the ocean.