Research Proposal on Accreditation in Healthcare and its impact on quality of services provided

I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

Hi Prof.

Attached is a template for a proposal for a research I would like to propose for one of the courses.

The topic is about “Accreditation in Healthcare and its Impact on the quality of services provided”.

As you know many hospitals and healthcare facilities are seeking accreditation (JCI is an example) and in Dubai they have mandated all hospitals to be internationally accredited as they would like to encourage Medical Tourism in Dubai.

Having said that, I want to propose this research idea “Accreditation in Healthcare and its impact on the quality of serviced provided”.

If you can please fill in the template shared and provide an abstract. (with a few references for me to go through)

As promised, once this is reviewed by the instructor and approved, I shall invite you again for the full research with a higher budget. (similar to the other topic I have previously shared).

Thank you!