research Paper – Methodology Plan

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

Overview: In week 1, you selected a topic and developed a research question for that topic. Then, you developed a data gathering instrument. Now that you have had the opportunity to read how scholarly methodologies are written quantitatively, qualitatively, and in a mixed-methods approach, you will write a condensed 4 page methodology section for your topic.

The goal here is to outline how you would conduct your research to answer the research question.


  1. Develop a min of 4 page methodology section that includes the following:
    1. Introduction
    2. Research Paradigm (qualitative or quantitative)
    3. Research- or project- Design
    4. Sampling Procedures and or/
    5. Data Collection Sources (reference Informed Consent and IRB approval placed in Appendices)
    6. Statistical Tests Summary (quantitative) OR Data Organization Plan for Qualitative

    Write in APA 7 format