research paper abput chinese supernatural story

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Discuss the function of the space of (choose ONE of the following themes) Heaven/ Earth/ Hell/ sacred landscapes in our readings of supernatural stories. Please choose one or two pertinent text(s) for your analysis.

General Guidelines for Research Papers

During your writing, you should focus on your selected topic for the entire paper. Your argument should base on your original reading of the primary and secondary sources, and your need to substantiate your argument with sound evidence from the texts. When citing such evidence, use clear references to edition, translator, page numbers, etc. Please follow MLA style, Chicago style, or APA style in citing your references.

Paper Organization

● Title

● Introduction: at the beginning of your paper, use one paragraph to introduces your topic and your argument (“thesis statement”).

● Body Paragraphs: each paragraph should have a clear subtopic that all points in that paragraph are related to. A close reading of primary sources is needed when you cite sources to support your argument.

● Conclusion: use one paragraph to restate your argument (“thesis statement”). You can also choose to mention some broader issues in this last paragraph.

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must use the primary storu in the paper, and you can find any other outside source to use