research a local non-profit organization in the USA

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Many business leaders “give back” to their communities by charitably donating their time and talents. Most will tell you that they receive more than they give, and grow from the exposure to new ideas and experiences. The majority of non-profit organizations rely on the generous support and expertise from the business community.

For your service learning experience in this course, you will research a local non-profit organization of your choice that supports families, children, disadvantaged, animals, and the environment, etc. Hopefully you’ll want to apply your business skills to the volunteer organization after graduation. As future business leaders you have something to offer and something to gain from getting involved.

Your report should be double-spaced, 5 pages in length.

• Pick a non-profit organization of your choice

• Provide an overview on the organization
o Mission
o Vision
o Strategic Objectives
o Events/Initiatives they host
o Ways to get involved/volunteer
o Local contact and telephone number to volunteer at the organization

• Create a SWOT Analysis for your chosen organization (this should show strength and weaknesses of the organization as well as opportunities and threats in the environment that they are operating in)

• Find an organization similar to your chosen non-profit and create a Points of Parity and Points of Difference analysis.
o POP – Points of Parity (how are the 2 organizations similar)
o POD – Points of Difference (how are the 2 organizations different)
o This analysis may help you see how your organization differs and what they may want to capitalize on. It may also show you what they need to work on and develop to grow. Use this POP/POD analysis as a way to learn about the organization itself and a competing non-profit.

• Provide 5 Action Items/Recommendations on how the organization of your choice can grow (reach more people). This may include enhancing their internet presence.
o Provide details for each action item, follow this template:
 – Action Item Title
 – Description on what the organization should do and how
 – Timing involved to implement
 – Potential projected costs involved for implementation