Report Experiment 1# Static Calibration of Instruments

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I need report for this lab (Static Calibration of Instruments), you will find file for experiment and results lab on the Excel.

Based on the results taken in the lab (Exp_instrument_calibration.pdf), write and submit the Results section of your report for Session 1 experiment. Your submissions should also include the equations used to obtain any calculated results (list at the end of your Word document and Excel).

Your submission should have at least two documents: a Word document with the Results section (all measured and analyzed results clearly organized and presented), and one or more Excel spreadsheets with data calculations that are easy to follow (well annotated, including variable names, units, etc.).

For the report:

1- Analysis Correctness: For full marks, all calculations and analysis must be correct.

2- Results Presentation: For full marks, must include: Properly formatted tables and figures; appropriate text describing results

3- Excel Presentation: For full marks, Excel work must be easy to follow including file name, content annotation, units, results emphasized, etc.

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