Relating a significant artistic movement to world developments

This is a paper that is focusing on the relating a significant artistic movement to world developments. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Relating a significant artistic movement to world developments

Students are to choose a stylistic movement, period, artist, or a major work of art/architecture and relate it to a major cultural, historical, or technological development. (i.e. religion, politics, science, mathematics, engineering, technology, literature, music, drama, or dance, etc). This paper WILL require outside research! In this essay, the students will argue for a connection between:

Art and a major societal/cultural/historical development, providing detailed analyses, examples, and outside research.

The idea here is to relate significant artistic movements to major developments that changed the world. Also, use the critical art historical skills of analysis you have developed throughout the semester to present your argument. This assignment will satisfy the Arts and Humanities requirement in which you will “demonstrate an understanding of the arts and humanities in historical and cultural contexts. The purpose of the paper is for you to: Identify and form an argument for the connection between a significant cultural development. (historical, political, scientific, technological, etc.).

Also, its influence on a specific art movement, style, artist or work of art (This will be your thesis statement). Use your research findings and art historical analysis of specific examples of art or architecture to support your argument (convince your audience of this strong connection) You basically need to investigate both the “ART” and the “HISTORY” of a selected time period. To prove that this significant development or series of developments influenced both the arts and society of that time. You will use your research and powers of art historical analysis to support this argument by identifying. Also, analyzing specific works of art as well as relevant historical information from your sources.