reflective journal on moral reasoning

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Read the following dilemma and answer the questions that follow.

Sharon and Jill were best friends. One day they went shopping together. Jill tried on a sweater and then, to Sharon’s surprise, walked out of the store wearing the sweater under her coat. A moment later, the store’s security officer stopped Sharon and demanded that she tell him the name of the girl who had walked out. He told the storeowner he’d seen the two girls together and was sure the one who left had been shoplifting. The storeowner said to Sharon, “Come on now, come clean. You could get into serious trouble if you don’t give us your friend’s name.”

  1. Should Sharon tell Jill’s name to the security officer? Why?
  2. Would it make any difference if Jill had recently done a big favor for Sharon?
  3. Would it make a difference if they were not good friends?
  4. What factors should Sharon consider in making her decision?
  5. Is shoplifting wrong? Why? What’s the most important reason why it is wrong?

NOTE: This assignment must be at least two FULL COMPLETE pages long, it must be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides. Type the quotation followed by your answer to the question

**You can use the powerpoint for more background info about the topic