Reflection on Jonah’s behaviour from an Australian TV series

This is an essay that focus on a reflection on Jonah’s behaviour from an Australian TV series. The paper also discusses the various approaches that different teachers use in the story.

Reflection on Jonah’s behaviour from an Australian TV series

This option involves watching the whole show of, Australian TV show Summer Heights High, which can be viewed at free viewing sites online or the library’s copy. Students will first read Chapter 3, pages 35-36 and 123-124 from Our Words, Our Ways.

These pages outline a strength-based perspective.  With a strength-based perspective in mind, analyze Jonah’s journey through the TV series.

Please use essay-style, which means you include a thesis(argument) with several supporting points. Use evidence from the TV series to support your points. Using the highlighting tool, please underline your thesis statement before you hand in your paper.
Give examples from the TV series about how Jonah’s behaviours reflect how effective each teacher works with Jonah. Additionally, to prove your argument, you will consider Jonah’s experience at the school and the success of the behavior management strategies of the teachers/staff. The following questions can help guide your writing:

Firstly, how come Jonah hasn’t learned to write and struggles at reading?
Secondly, how does he feel when he’s inclass?
How does that reflect his experience of school?
What positive and negative factors contribute to Jonah’s self-concept?
What are the reasons for his behaviours?
How does Jonah show resiliency?
How do the teacher’sactions contribute to his sense of self?


What are some of the various approaches that different teachers/administrators use in the story?
Do they reflect an attempt to understand Jonah’s reality or to control his behaviour?
Do they reflect respect towards Jonah?
Also, do these teachers try to build a relationship with Jonah and try to understand his reality, or are they looking for band-aid solutions?
Are they strength-based or deficit-based approaches?
Lastly, are they genuine approaches, or do they barely scratch at the surface of Jonah’s reality?

Consequently, you will be assessed based on your analysis of the show and your ability to see things from Jonah’s perspective, not just the teachers’. **Also, include a few sentences about the inappropriateness of white actors using “blackface” to play people of colour or Indigenous people in television and film.**
Please also answer the following questions in conclusion: What have you learned about working with different learners through this show?   Does Jonah’s journey have similarities to First Nations Inuit and Métis students in Canada? How will this show inform your perspective as a teacher?