We are a multicultural group, A student from Malaysia and study in architecture, B student from China and study in Arts, C student from China and study in IT and D student from China and study in Business Law. You will need to ● outline the challenges and any issues around cultural dimensions and communication in your group: ● evaluate strategies used to successfully complete assigned tasks and ensure equity and respect of each member of your group; ● critically assess to what extent this learning experience has contributed to improving your skills in intercultural communication. The following sections you need to write: 1. Identify the concepts in relation to communication using the Describe-Interpret- Evaluate-Plan (D.I.E.P.) framework as applicable to the challenges and issues relating to ○ Influence of cultural differences in terms of communication ○ cultural dimensions and communication styles ○ high-low context of communication ○ direct/indirect style of communication 2. Explain each potential situation/breakdown of miscommunication and how the group and individuals managed potential conflict (if any). What strategies were employed to manage the potential conflicts. ○ analyse potential sources of miscommunication (silence, humour/slang/idioms, etc.) ○ Management of potential conflicts in expressing opinions and in decision-making ○ Areas where flexibility/adaptation were required for successful task completion as well as inclusion of every member of the group 3. Explain how the potential situations described in section 2 changed your cognitive and behavioural attitude towards working in a group. ○ Did this experience change your attitude towards different ways of communicating in a multicultural group? Provide examples of how your attitude has been altered. ○ How did you think that your group functioned well in embracing various styles of communication? ○ How will you translate this learning experience into your life, and more specifically in the workplace? Then there are DIEP model and other articles that you need to use in the essay. Additional you will need to find 6 more references to support your ideas.