Recording journal entries and post transactions to the general ledger using t-accounts

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A company has the following transactions during May:

May 1 Purchased a storage building by obtaining a loan of $5,000.
May 6 Provided services to customers for cash, $1,800.
May 12 Pay $1,200 in advertising in May.
May 17 Repay $1,000 of the amount borrowed on May 1.
May 20 Received $3,500 in cash from customers for services provided previously on account.
May 28 Purchased office supplies for $800 cash.

  1. Record each transaction in the journal entries. Use the table button (above) to create the journal entries.
  2. Post the transactions to the Cash t-account, assuming a beginning cash balance of $2,500. Use the table button (above) to create the Cash t-account.