Reading Journal

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please check out this MLA Resource Page before you begin. It has important guidelines on how to craft your reading journals and cite them appropriately. There is also a grading rubric attached to this assignment. Please note the requirements: answering the question well and using and citing the material appropriately. This is what you need to do to earn full credit.

The Romantic Period

  • Introduction pp. 3-20 (up to Writing in the Marketplace)

William Blake

  • Author Note pp. 44-47
  • “Lamb” p. 50
  • “Chimney Sweeper” p. 51
  • “Chimney Sweeper” p. 56
  • “Tyger” p. 58
  • “London” p. 60

Reading Journal 1 Prompt:

To what can we attribute the difference between the “Chimney Sweeper” of Innocence and the “Chimney Sweeper” of Experience? What do the poems suggest about the contrary states of the human soul?

Students often ask “how long” a reading journal should be. I don’t have an exact length in mind – I am looking for you to always do 2 things to be successful:

1) Fully answer the question

2) Use and cite the text(s) we’re discussing

In general, I think 250-400 words is a good ballpark – that’s about 1-1/2 pages double spaced.

Please refer to: The Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Major Authors, Tenth Edition, Volume 2