Read your textbook’s selection from "Judith" (91-99)

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Read your textbook’s selection from “Judith” (91-99) and do the following online activity for today’s class: (1) choose a passage from “Judith” that is a complete sentence (or more than one complete sentence) and at least five lines long; (2) paraphrase the passage you have chosen (remember that paraphrases are different from summaries—they don’t just give the gist of the original but actually restate all of the important details using your own words and phrasing; using your own phrasing is also important; a “paraphrase” that just swaps out words using a thesaurus is not actually an effective paraphrase and may even be plagiarism); (3) look again at the original passage from which you made your paraphrase and describe the grammar of it (explain how many sentences there are, what the structure of each sentence is, how many phrases each sentence has, and whether there are any instances of this passage breaking the rules of standard modern English grammar; and (4) write a sentence or two about what the main theme, idea, or purpose of the poem is (this is more like a summary, but it isn’t about what the plot of the poem is but rather the larger message communicated in how the poem’s story is told). Submit your paraphrase, your description of the grammar, and your sentence or two about the main theme/idea/purpose to the appropriate