Read the following requirment and write an essay

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Online learning can be challenging, but it can also be a very effective way to learn. Many students take online classes for the flexibility, but others think it is easier. In my opinion, online classes more challenging than on the ground classes. You must be organized, persistent and self-disciplined to be an effective online learner.

While we are getting started, I would like for you to get started on the right foot! Minnesota State CAREERwise Education published an article titled “What Makes a Successful Online Learner?” I would like for you to read the article and really think about it.

Write an essay containing at least 250 words in Microsoft Word. The essay should describe what strategies you intend to employ to ensure that you are successful in ACC212(Managerial Accounting class name) this semester. Your response isn’t limited to the strategies suggested in the article. Please use good English and cite sources if you use sources other than the assigned article.

To access the article, click on the article title “What Makes a Successful Online Learner (Links to an external site.)?”.