Read the case study and answer question about it

Help me study for my Accounting class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1- Provide a brief summary of the company and what decision is under consideration. Stick to the most relevant points only. Identify the primary players and the decisions they face. Discuss their incentives, objectives, opportunities, and risks. Comment on what time horizon is most relevant to their objectives. Be sure to touch upon any conflicts of interest that might arise. This will make the write-up interesting to the reader. Decide on how much space you should devote to this part but it should not be very long – focus only on the most important issues.

2- Briefly discuss what potential accounting solutions are being considered by the central players. Identify each of the accounting decisions and how it might help the central players meet their objectives. Use only as much space as needed to describe the accounting decision. Keep in mind that you are only describing here and not providing analysis yet.