Read the Case Study 6-1 AND Answer the following questions:

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Read the Case Study 6-1, Enterprise Architecture at American Express. Answer the following questions:

  • What are the key components of the architecture American Express has created?
  • Why was it important to standardize so much of the architecture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a standard EA for American Express?
  • Describe how the new architecture supports the goals and strategy of American Express.
  • What types of future payment products and services should be anticipated and prepared for by the EA group? What is your vision of how payments might work?
  • If you were advising the CIO of American Express, what would you suggest his group prepare for?

You must submit your answers, using the Assignment Template ATTACHED BELOW . Before submitting, make sure to thoroughly read your assignment to ensure you understand all the details required to successfully submit the assignment. Be sure not to plagerize.

Your answers are expected to be in meaningful paragraphs composed of well-formatted sentences with appropriate flow. Bulleted or numbered lists will not be accepted. Be sure to restate the question in your answers to make sure you cover all of the material requested. Make sure you complete the student feedback section as well.