Read article and answer 8 questions.

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Quiz Questions

  • At the top of your quiz, type the article’s title and authors’ names.
  • For each answer, identify the page number where you found the information (which will help you later when you write Essay 2).
  1. How many adults and children live in food-insecure households?
  2. What is one negative effect of food insecurity on children?
  3. Food insecurity is a risk factor for developing ten chronic diseases. What are they?
  4. People who are food insecure sometimes have to stretch their budgets in ways that risk their health. Name two ways.
  5. Give one example of how food insecurity can make pre-existing health problems worse.
  6. Give one example of how people who are food-insecure might use the health care system more.
  7. People who suffer from food insecurity also have higher health care costs than people who are not food-insecure. How much extra do they typically pay per year?
  8. What is a solution the article provides to help people suffering from food insecurity?