Read 15 pages and answer a few questions

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Note the confusing typo p. 94, 2nd paragraph, “Andrea’s” should actually be “Angela’s.”


1-Summarize the plot of “Lavande,” in chronological blocks of “present time” and flashbacks that are used in the story. It’s best to mark in your book where the time shifts occur. Some are clear shifts others are subtle. Write it as a list so you may read it in class, locating the time changes.

2-Discover and track the major characters of the story. What important lines or paragraphs tell us about their character either by their actions or decisions?

3-Lines spoken in dialog as well as internal thoughts often focus the story and reveal important information about characters. What a) words, or b) thoughts help to explain our main characters? Keep in mind, that in dialog and thoughts, the author may have a larger purpose. Characters may lie to each other or to themselves. They may express information that’s incorrect or that they don’t fully understand.

4-Do the main characters change in the story? How? Prove your claim with quotations.