Rationale and objectives for a PCM unit using Parallel curriculum

This is a paper that focuses on the rationale and objectives for a PCM unit using Parallel curriculum. The paper also provides the various aspects that you will use.

Rationale and objectives for a PCM unit using Parallel curriculum

Assignment 3: Unit of work using the Parallel Curriculum Model
Explanation of the assignment:

Assignment 3(a): Rationale and objectives for a PCM Unit
Using the template provided, this first part of the assignment captures your rationale for the unit and the learning objectives that will shape the learning activities and assessment for this unit of work. Why this unit of work is significant to the discipline, relevant and also meaningful to your students requires deep thinking and application of knowledge. Remember to think in terms of conceptual understandings as you plan your learning objectives.

Please refer to the marking guide to ensure that you have addressed all aspects of this assignment.

Assignment 3(b):

You are not required to present the entire unit, but you need to demonstrate that you have thought through the whole unit in presenting the following aspects:
1. Firstly, a summary table showing how your unit incorporates each of the 11 curriculum components detailed in the PCM. Examples of these summary tables can be found on pages 83, 122, 161, and 200 of your text. You might select and adapt some of these general ideas to suit your unit, or use these as inspiration for developing your own. Where applicable, be sure to indicate which parallel/s you are trying to address through each point.
2. Secondly, amended learning objectives from Part (a) of this assignment

3. Thirdly, a copy of the pre-assessment task used to assess students’ point of entry prior to teaching the unit.
4. Lastly, a full copy of the summative assessment description linked to the learning objectives. (Include the assessment rubric outlining criteria for quality performance).

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