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Discusion Question

1. To ensure health care system sustainability, value for consumers must be achieved, yet it is largely unmeasured and misunderstood. How do you define value in health care? Is the health care delivering on value? Why or why not?

2. Based on your learning thus far, what are the causes of the rapidly rising costs in health care and how can improvements in quality and outcomes play a role reducing cost? How do we achieved provider, insurer, and patient alignment in a shared of achieving the best outcomes and the lowest cost?

3. Do you, or have you, worked in organization that “learns from its mistakes?” what improvements were made based on those learning? What are the critical aspects of a culture that support and fosters a learning environment?

4. Physicians are reluctant to admit mistakes due to a culture of denial and fear of litigation. What needs to change in health care and society to assist physicians and other health care workers in dealing with adverse events?

5. Many health care organizations collect clinical data to drive quality improvement yet continue to be plagued with clinical variation and high costs of care. What might be the contributing factors and what approaches are necessary to achieve value?

6. There are many innovative approaches to “bend the cost curve.” Discuss the effectiveness of some of these approaches.

7. Are leadership approaches different in creating and managing the patient experience then they are with approaches used in improving quality outcomes? How are they different? How are they the same?

8. Think about a time when you as a customer were pleasantly surprised with your experience? What factors/drivers do you think contributed to this experience? How might you translate that experience to learnings for key leaders in health care?