Questions on government organizations

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There are three different questions for this assignment. No cover sheet or reference page is needed, but the references should follow each particular question. Please include a minimum of 350 words for each question.

(1) Government often grows to meet the demands of the citizenry and so does the cost associated with the growth Look at “The U.S. Census Population and Projections”, analyze the population growth rate from 2010 through 2016 in Tennessee. Provide these figures in your response for each year. Explain why expansions are needed to meet the needs of society ad how they are funded. These processes sometimes bring hard criticisms? Why?

(2) Read “2017 America First- A Blueprint to Maker America Great Again” and based on your predictions for the years 2017-2025, discuss the impact of Tennessee’s population increase on the three highest discretionary spending accounts.

(3) Experiences play an important role in how future leaders will run the organization. Give three examples of how effective competencies, relationships, and leaning capabilities can be measured as factors n future leadership development. Choose on the following psychological theories (psychodynamic theory, Behaviorism, Social-cognitive theory) and outline its contributions to the development of leaders> Describe the type of behavior that would characterize the application of the theory in an organization.