Questions for Discussions, Exercise Question 6, Internet Exercise Question 7

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Questions for Discussion

  • What is an artificial neural network and for what types of problems can it be used?
  • Compare artificial and biological neural networks. What aspects of biological networks are not mimicked by arti- ficial ones? What aspects are similar?
  • What are the most common ANN architectures? For what types of problems can they be used?
  • ANN can be used for both supervised and unsupervised learning. Explain how they learn in a supervised mode and in an unsupervised mode.

Exercise Question 6:

Go to Google Scholar ( Conduct a search to find two papers written in the last five years that compare and contrast multiple machine-learning methods for a given problem domain. Observe com- monalities and differences among their findings and prepare a report to summarize your understanding.

Internet Exercise Question 7:

Go to Look at Gee Whiz examples. Comment on the feasibility of achieving the results claimed by the developers of this neural network model.

The above assignments should be submitted in one-word document.


For Reference please use APA 7 edition format