Purdue University Dilemmas and Mismatches that Toyota Has Case Study

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

write minimum 900 words + extra appenix with graphs/charts and tables

Concisely describe the firm’s dilemma. Is there a mismatch between the opportunities/ threats from the environment and the strengths/weaknesses of the firm (SWOT, other frameworks)?

Quickly identify multiple strategic options and logically evaluate the relative merits of those options using data to back up arguments.

Succinctly explain strategy implementation in a way that considers the future. Suggested steps help minimize the disadvantages and maximize the advantages of strategic options. Additionally, they consider how the environment will evolve in the future. How will competitors react? Will the bases of competitive advantage change for other reasons (e.g. changing consumer tastes, technologies or supply base)?

Executive Summary – clear and concise on key issues and recommendations

Industry Dynamics – identifies key issues about how the industry and

key competitors operate to provide customer value and profitability

Performs an insightful Situation Analysis -using at least 3 appropriate

frameworks or concepts – IDs organization key issue(s)

Impact of situation or opportunities are clear & specific – magnitude is identified (answers “so what”)

Logical & Supported Reasoning for determining Solution Criteria

Identifies at least 3 alternatives that are Creative & Realistic

Alternatives Evaluated accurately(e.g., in a matrix)

Recommendation addresses both tactical & strategic actions

Identifies key implementation issues across organization

Identifies impact to Competitive Advantages & expected Competitor


Data utilized to support analysis (numbers when available)

Efficiency (3 pages plus Appendices)

Additional work (e.g., research, add’l frameworks, financial proformas, great charts or graphs)