Public policy

The assignment that needs to written on is : The problem is restricted communication limits the academic abilities of Air Force personnel in the state of Alabama. Also treat it like a capstone assignment. Remember it needs to be within the field of public administration. Your variables need to be measurable. Look at each word of the question and ask yourself how you would measure them. Begin your in-depth research. Your work is only as good as your research so go to the scholarly journals. From the Policy Analysis Paper Part I Instructions: 12. REFERENCES. These pages are not included in your page count. You have a minimum of five (5) references including: At minimum ONE (1) scholarly journal articles and A reference from the Kraft and Furlong textbook and A reference from the Bardach and Patashnik textbook and One (1) references to any of my lectures and A reference from a source provided under “Helpful Resources” in the course Canvas site. Additional websites can be found in Kraft and Furlong at the end of each chapter in addition to those provided on the Kraft and Furlong website, No more than one (1) non-academic websites Although not proper APA formatting, include within parentheses, after the reference on the reference page, which category the reference satisfies: (K&F, B&P, Lecture, Helpful Resource, Scholarly, or Non-Academic). Use proper in-text citation in the paper. You are noting the type of reference on the reference page only. Also any questions contact me immediately.