Public Health

The PrepTalks video The Next Pandemic: Lessons from History showcases lessons learned from both the 1918 and 2009 influenza pandemics. John M. Barry provides guidance on what emergency managers can do to work with public health and elected officials to implement measures that can save lives and, as importantly, avoid ineffective measures that can lose community trust.

Note: This talk was recorded in January 2018 and is focused on an influenza pandemic.

From your reading, research, personal experience, or knowledge, discuss the following:

1) How accurate was Barry in his predictions for what to expect in the next pandemic?

2) Barry stresses the importance of risk communications. Do the strategies and public messages you have seen and heard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic reflect Barrys recommendations?

3) As cities move into planning for the next phase of COVID response, what issues should public health and emergency managers focus on?


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public Health

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2. Answer this: After you’ve watched the lecture, documentary and read the articles, share your thoughts on racism as a public health crisis. Do you agree why or why not?

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