PSY 101 ( Researching Psychotropic Drugs)

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Researching Psychotropic Drugs

Using an internet search engine, please research 2 drugs that you have an interest in knowing more about. (1.5 pages for EACH drug)—-3 pages total minimum. 12 font, 1 inch margins.

Complete the following:

*Explain why you chose the drugs you choose. What personal meaning does each of these drugs have for you (i.e., recreational use; treatment medication; friend/family member use; news report; general interest; etc) whatever the case may be.

Using the internet search engine, find out the following things about each drug that you choose:

*Primary uses of the drug.

*Which neurotransmitters in the brain does the drug effect?

*What are the drug’s effects on a person’s behavior, thinking, and memory?

*What are the side effects of the drug?

*After gathering this information, please cite the website or references. This is just to verify your use of the internet search engine