PSCI 1421 Energy Resources discussion

Need help with my Science question – I’m studying for my class.

(A) Provide a list and brief description of the future (alternate) energy resources currently used in the US and around the world (use pictures when appropriate to better illustrate your explanation)

(B) Which one the the future (alternate) energy resources do you think is most likely to release the world from its dependence on energy derived from fossil fuels? Support your answer with the most current data available on the Internet or the library (web articles, journal articles, UTRGV library online journal subscriptions, etc.)

(C) Reply* to at least two of your classmate’s post stating your agreement or disagreement for her/his material posted. Your response should be supported with the appropriate justification and/or cited bibliography (I agree or I disagree without an appropriate justification will not be an acceptable reply).

(D) List at least two consulted bibliographic sources (provide a complete bibliographical listing, if using a web source, the website address alone is not enough).

attached will be two peers discussion post that you will need to reply to.

please let me know if you have any questions.