Province’s Growth Plan Planning for the Future of Toronto

This essay entails a paper on the millenial Province’s Growth Plan and the process of  Planning for the Future of Toronto. Province’s Growth Plan explains the process of coming up with a good and organized development plan for a certain region for some days ahead.

Province’s Growth Plan Planning for the Future of Toronto

Firstly, Planning for the Future For this task, you should review your discoveries in order to make recommendations for future transportation initiatives or land-use initiatives that should impact transportation patterns in the city.

Secondly, using Metrolinx’s most recent Regional Transportation Plan and/or the Province’s Growth Plan and/or Official Plan Maps of City of Toronto select three transportation or land use policy or infrastructure initiatives.

Also, explain why they are needed. Provide a statement of their expected impact on transportation patterns.

Thirdly, having lived in four other major cities in Canada and globally. Having visited 24 cities in the past seven years alone and being an amateur urban planning nerd, I have some thoughts. Some will agree, some will disagree, because cities are complex systems and many times the only solutions are least worst.

Forthly,discussions of the initiatives have judtifications by the patterns you see in your maps. Expect the impacts are justification by theories covered in the course, especially the land-use/transportation cycle. Format Your report and write using a word processor. All maps should be inserts into the appropriate locations in the document. All figures have numbered captions and be referenced in text.

Lastly, PDF’s should be in colour and must include a cover page with your name, student number, and assignment title. Make sure that all colours and fonts you choose for your maps are in good order on the PDF versions. On the document ude double-space, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. You should use APA 6th edition for references and in-text citations. references including 9 maps