prospectus on contemporary issue among a specific tribe or group

I’m studying and need help with a Social Science question to help me learn.

The prompt is to research a contemporary issues with a specific tribe or group:

—> I have chosen the native groups that are being affected by Trumps border wall and the implications that is is causing + how it will divide the native groups.

The prospectus should be a c. 3-4 pp (1,200-1,500) introduction and background of topic, with a separate initial suggested bibliography,

The prospectus can look like a fleshed-out outline, a rough draft, a series of questions and answers, or a combination of those things.

detail the historical background– when & why did this issue arise? What historical happenstances or trajectories impact this issue?

(1) clearly identifies the specific issue and specific group you are researching,

(2) is 1200-1500 words long, not including bibliography or quotes

(3) includes a preliminary bibliography of 5 sources.