Prospecting and Interviewing a Business to Business Sales Professional

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Part 1: (2 Marks) Due Date: Class 4

Create a prospect listof 10 potential candidates (20 is preferable)that you will be calling to secure an appointment for an information interview. Your prospects must have a minimum of 5 years of Business to Business salesexperience. You may choose to source these potential contacts from any of the numerous sources we discussed in class (Scott’s directory, Sedar, etc.). Your library orientation session will have given you the tools to complete this more efficiently.

Students must work off their prospect list which is based on people they do not know(friends, relatives, work colleagues are not included) and that they have either researched or have been referred to them through their network of contacts.

We are already heading into week 3, so this is an early heads up regarding your Prospecting Assignment.

You need to find partners to do the assignment. Preferably Scott’s Directory or Sedar both free in the library.

Part 1:requires that you source 10 potential companies(20 is preferable) to find a “Business to Business Sales rep.” Think industrial NOTconsumer companies. If you still insist on the consumer space, go for distributors who sell to retailers. So, NOretail stores, banks or real estate agents(unless they are commercial/ICI). Focus on companies with more than 100 employeesin Scott’s Directory or This is a “real world” assignment. Many students have gotten job offers from this assignment.

You can also use your network if you like. Because after part 1, in Part 2 you must secure an appointment with a “Business to Business Sales Rep.” good sources include (but are not limited to):

Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical/Medical industry, Restaurant/Bar Suppliers, Construction equipment

Pick an industry you like or might want to work in, this project has NOTHING TO DO with your Role Plays in this course.

If you work in a retail location, find out who the sales reps are that sell to your place, it’s that easy.

If you rush part 1, part 2 and 3 will be very bad, there is NO way to self-correctafter picking the wrong companies in Step 1 OTHER THAN REDOING THE WHOLE THING, SO DON’T cut corners in Part 1.