Programing in R

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HW Specific Instructions

1. Select one of the three graphical displays we learned in the lecture that is the MOST Appropriate for the given data.

2. Graphs have to have appropriate titles and axis labels.

3. Conclusions have to have the three relevant components: Trend, Feature, and Cause.

4. Histogram/Boxplot descriptions have to include the following four components in the given order: Shape, center, spread, and outliers.5.Graphdescriptionshavetobeinanessay/paragraph format.

Guiding lines for constructing a Good Histogram:

1.Find Min and Max

2.Choose class width: A ”nice” round number : Width=(MaxMin) / 6

Round Down, unless very close to a ”nice” number

3.Find starting point of 1st interval a ”nice” number such that : min Width Start min

4.Find endpoint of each class

5.Check if range is split to about6-10 classes.

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