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Assignment—ePortfolio Clinical Judgment and plan for life-long learning

Describe in a 2-page essay your plan for continuing your education as a life-long learner as Nurse practitioner.

2 APA references not older than 5 years old.

!!FNP student.!!

This an example Plan for Lifelong Learning

The nursing field is broad, ever-expanding, and dynamic. As a result, nurses have an opportunity to advance the profession, increases knowledge, and improve patient care. Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in nursing, also indicated that people should never consider themselves as finished nurses, they must be learning all their lives (Kroning, 2016). As a nurse practitioner, I will continue to learn throughout my career to acquire knowledge so that I can proficiently achieve the nursing scope and standards of care. My lifelong learning plan is to collaborate with other healthcare professions. Collaboration with physicians, case managers, and other healthcare professionals will allow me to increase the awareness of other members’ types of skills and knowledge, resulting in improved decision-making. Collaboration would also lead to increased utilization of standardized communication tools that allow practitioners to create an environment where they can speak up and express concerns. Additionally, studies show the use of standardized tools improves teamwork and reduces medical errors.

I also plan to attend national seminars and conferences. Nursing conferences will allow me to continue with education, network, and receive the latest updates about the nursing practice. Conferences will contribute to my educational development by the accumulation of educational units. Another benefit associated with meetings is that I will be able to explore new information about the practice through the study of abstracts and presentations made by speakers. Such presentations will be vital to allowing me to discuss ideas with presenters and authors directly, generating nursing forums (Kroning, 2016). This will help me see a broader world view of the profession, rather than in the context of the hospital and community in which I practice. Lastly, I will increase the community of contact across the nation or the globe. For example, attending the Magnet Conference will allow me to learn from nurses around the world.