Privilege Paper (3-5 pages)

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Privilege is a loaded term these days and evokes a lot of emotions with people feeling like they fall on one side of privilege or the other. The reality of privilege, is that it spans across many categories and it is more complicated than simply having privilege or not. So it is possible for someone to be privileged in one aspect of his/her life, and disadvantaged in another. It is important to look at the individual categories as well as the larger picture for a firm understanding of cultural competency.

For this assignment, first complete the Distance from Privilege Ladder scale for yourself. Then in a 3-5 page paper, please discuss the sociological definition of privilege and then discuss where you fall in the DFP scale in various categories. Be sure to cover a category where you were higher on the scale as well as one where you may have fallen lower on the scale. Discuss how navigating through societal systems like education, law enforcement, health care, financial and economic systems looks different for people who fall in different levels.

Resources for Assessment:

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Explain cultural norms and experiences that lead to stratification in society and different levels of vulnerability, Define the term privilege in a sociological framework,Write clearly, concisely, and appropriately using correct English grammar, punctuation, usage, mechanics, sentence structure, and vocabulary, Speak with confidence, clarity, and conciseness, and Research, prepare, and deliver professional presentations.