prenatal discussion

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Option 1: As you have read in your textbook, infertility is on the rise for a number of reasons. Please share your own personal experiences with the process of “getting pregnant” (you are not required to share any information that makes you uncomfortable, only what you are willing to disclose).

If you have not had any personal experiences with the process of conception, then ask your mothers, sisters or any of your friends who have.

Option 2: Females: Describe your own experiences with the birth process, if applicable. If you haven’t had any personal experience(s) with the birth process, ask your mothers, sisters or friends what their experiences were like and share those. Males: Describe your own experiences as fathers, if applicable. What was the birth process like for you? If you have no experiences, you may ask your family members to describe theirs, or you may discuss what you think will be your role based upon what you have learned in this course. What is the role of a father during the pregnancy and during the birth process?

Option 3: If neither of the above are practical options for you, then answer one of these questions:

  • Identify and describe some factors affecting the mother’s health that can influence preterm and low-birthweight deliveries, and give a brief description of why these are factors.
  • What would you advise an expectant mother or father about the birth process and how to deal with labor?
  • Discuss the use of genetic counseling, and identify individuals who are candidates for such counseling.