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Proper CHICAGO Manual of Style citation for Writing in Economics- (Links to an external site.) review the posted file for proper citation in Chicago style. Proper citation varies by discipline, Chicago style is common in Economics. Everyone should read this file even if you are already comfortable writing citations in other styles as there may be several differences. When writing the paper, you must properly cite within your text only using in-line citations as well as include a full citation on the bibliography page at the end of your text.

In this part of the assignment you are to familiarize yourself with the issues in the market for kidney organs, do some research of your own, and submit a bibliography page of references. Before the end of the week – listen to the podcast, explore websites, and read articles (all given below). Also review other sources you find through independent research.

Begin writing your bibliography page (Links to an external site.). At this stage the citations should include all the sources posted below. Title the page Bibliography. This assignment is graded complete/incomplete. Inadequate, late, and/or missing assignments will be scored as incomplete, no exceptions. Only the final draft of the paper is scored, however points will be deducted from the final draft for any incomplete grades on previous assignments. In order to earn a complete you must include proper CHICAGO Manual of Style citation for at least 7 citations: the podcast, 2 websites, and 2 articles (from those posted below), the class textbook, and at least one reference found through your own research. The library resources tab in the left panel is a good place to start when doing your own research. See the citation guide for how to cite in CHICAGO Manual of Style and use 1″ margins, and size 12 Arial FONT.

Below are a list of websites and articles to get you familiar with the issue. You must continue researching on your own and also reference other sources when writing your paper.

Explore Websites – review them all but choose at least 2 out of the 3 below to include in your bibliography (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Read News Articles – read them all but choose at least 2 out of the 4 below to include in your bibliography